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The Benefits of Learning Many Languages

We sometimes don’t realize how to communicate with other people. We do communication spontaneously. We can talk each other because we understand what we are talking about. Do you know why? It is because we talk using the same language.

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Other Learning Materials

Study guides: Chapter reviews, summaries, sample quizzes and tests, and glossaries. Solutions manuals: Detailed solutions to exercises in the book; used a lot in math and science courses.

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Learning Material

In addition to attending classes in many different settings, you will use several types of learning materials in college. The learning tools you will probably use most often in college are books. Many textbooks are similar to the ones you use in school now. Their level is higher, but they have built-in aids to help […]

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Learning Assitance

Many students just need help getting started. Colleges have programs that make you familiar with important places and services on campus. Most have special workshops to help you increase your reading speed, take effective notes, organize your time, use computers, improve your study habits, prepare for exams, write research papers, and more. The college’s Web […]

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Some Facilities in the Library

Audio-Visual (A-V) Centers Most libraries have audio and video equipment for student use. You may be required to watch a documentary film, study some slides, or listen to a political speech. The A-V center provides access to these materials.

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If you think that a library is just a place where they keep a lot of books and magazines, think again! College libraries have many resources that can be of great help to you. At many colleges, the library is part of an even larger learning center that offers special services to students.

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Cooperative Education

Students who want to combine their studies with jobs that help them pay for their education can participate in cooperative education (or co-op) programs. Students have the opportunity to gain practical experience working in their chosen field.

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Self-Paced Learning

Some classes are set up to allow you to work at your own pace. In many self-paced classes, you go to a learning lab to get your reading and homework assignments. You may be able to study in the lab itself, using computers or other equipment. You can also check out special materials, including books, […]

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Individual Studies

In addition to the classes that you take with other students, many colleges offer opportunities for you to study independently. In fact, many colleges will strongly encourage you to take at least one independent study course, especially during your junior or senior year.

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Types of Distance Learning

Telecourse. Classes have been filmed in advance. Students watch them on public or cable television or on videotapes.Students meet periodically with the instructor and take exams on campus.

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